Champagne Grand Cru Rosé


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Champagne DELAVENNE Rosé

Champagne Grand Cru Rosé

Champagne Grand Cru Rosé

Produced from our vineyards in Bouzy, 100% Grand Cru. 43% Pinot noir, 40% Chardonnay and 17% Bouzy Rouge (AOP Coteaux Champenois), no malolactic fermentation

2 in stock

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Champagne Grand Cru Rosé

Freshness and fruit

Our Mono-Cru Grand Cru Bouzy Brut Rosé is created by blending our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from two selected harvests and our famous Bouzy Rouge. Treat yourself to its raspberry-hued robe, its strawberry and blackberry bouquet.

If you love this champagne house’s classic yellow label bottling, it’s time to add this rosé to your repertoire. Gentle spice accents the red berry and grapefruit notes that make this bottle enormously drinkable at any time of day.

Rosé Champagne also known as Pink Champagne may be a Non-Vintage or Vintage Rosé Champagne and takes it pink colour from the skins of the red grapes Pinot noir or Pinot meunier grown only in the Champagne appellation. Depending on the grape varieties used and winemaking techniques the colour may vary from a very pale baby pink to a copper salmon.

There are two main methods used to produce a rosé Champagne. The first is by skin maceration where contact with the dark grape skin imparts the colour into the wine. The second method is by blending consists the still white wine (before its second fermentation in bottle) with 5 to 20% of red wine produced from the champagne grapes still from the champagne region.

Made using a blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier (both of which are black grapes) and Chardonnay, rosé champagne may only be labelled as such if it’s produced in the Champagne region of France.

Ranging in colour from pale blush to salmon pink, you should expect fresh summer fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and cherry, effervescent bubbles and sometimes a touch of brioche.

Although often served as an aperitif, rosé champagne is a particularly versatile wine, pairing well with a wide range of dishes.

Champagne is delicious with seafood and the rosé version is no exception. There’s a reason pink fizz is a hit on Valentine’s day, with lighter styles complementing oysters and richer ones pairing well with lobster (or even a humble plate of fish and chips). We’d also recommend it with Iberian acorn-fed ham, for an indulgent brunch.

However, you can also drink it right through to dessert, sipping it alongside summer fruit puddings, or simply strawberries and cream.

Champagne Grand Cru Rosé

Produced from our vineyards in Bouzy, 100% Grand Cru. 43% Pinot noir, 40% Chardonnay and 17% Bouzy Rouge (AOP Coteaux Champenois), no malolactic fermentation

Aromas of red berries, baked red apples and rose petals. This Champagne is juicy and mouthfilling with a creamy persistent mousse, and an elegant, mineral-laced finish.
As an aperitif or with chocolate desserts, fresh strawberry or cherry pie.

Whole pieces:

In the case of whole hams or shoulders, you receive the whole piece wrapped in waxed greaseproof paper, protective cloth cover and in box/case with handle, at no extra charge.

Knife-cut pieces:

We will send your knife-cut ham or shoulder in thin slices in 100 gram sachets and vacuum packed. It should be kept in the fridge. Although it should always be taken out at least one hour before consumption. Shelf life of 6 months from delivery.

Includes the cut bones, useful for making broth or stews.

Sausages and cheeses:

Any sausage or cheese, whether cut or in whole pieces, will be sent vacuum packed.

It should be kept in a cool, dry place. It is always advisable to temper before consumption. Shelf life depends on the product. Normally at least three months.

Wines and oils:

Both wines and oils should be sent properly protected.

Preserving unopened Iberian ham

If you have just brought home a piece of Iberian ham that you do not plan to open yet, it is important that you remove all the wrapping and hang it up, if possible in a cool, dry place, in order to preserve it.

In this way the ham can last for months without any problems.

Preserving Iberian ham once it has been opened

When we buy a leg of Iberian ham and we are going to start cutting it, it is important to save the layer and the first slices of fat that we will remove before cutting the ham itself.

Preserving whole cured meats

If you are one of those people who prefer to buy whole pieces of sausage such as salami, cured pork loin or chorizo, there are also ways in which we can help to keep these pieces in perfect condition.

The best way to preserve Iberian cured meats is to keep them hanging. The piece should be hung with the cut side down. To maintain its texture, cover the part that has already been cut with plastic film and secure it with a string or rubber band so that it is well sealed.

Preserving sliced sausages

The ideal way to preserve sliced cold meats with all their properties is to group all the slices together and stack them on top of each other, wrapping them in transparent film. They should also be spread out inside the envelope in which they were received. Once you have opened one of these sachets, you should consume it within a week.

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